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Designed for kayak stern compartments without a central pillar. It tracks straight. in getting out and a bar on the front for getting out?? Save $ 269.99 Sold Out. When it arrived, I unpackaged and looked it over carefully. Speed wise, she can keep up with us, and have the confidence to experience the water in a easy manner. on a 10’ recreational kayak (1 hatch, not airtight), would it be crazy to take it into the ocean along a harbor coastline? Take measurements don’t ask NRS if it fits in a pungo 120 . My husband loves his Tsunami - He finds even as a tall man (6'3) that it fits him well with his long legs and the more narrow design is perfect for paddling. Comfort wise this one is a 9 out of 10. So far we have been out a few times, and love how maneuverable, lightweight, and easy to enjoy they are. For recreational kayaking, I cannot imagine a more comfortable kayak. Its got some serious chines and they hold it if you've got the leg strength. My 6 and 8 year old had no problems paddling their kayak once they got used to it. Overall, a good kayak, but look for the late fall, early spring deals. This gives me plenty of leg room. I'm selling the boat, because it doesn't work well as a kid-carrying boat. It's not news that this is a fantastic rec boat. The sales folks recommended the shorter one (instead of the 14') for river use and it "fits" river use perfectly. Not sure way stability needs to be sacrificed for speed? Please contact us for canoe and white water float bags. It has ample storage capacity and handles nicely on lakes and slow-moving streams. Something about carrying a battery operated pump sticks in my craw a bit. It turns with ease. Money does not grow on trees, so I had to make every penny count. This is a great intermediate kayak for mild rivers and lakes. Dimensions: 23" Length x 7.5" Depth x 10" Width x 3" Width at end inches. Fun to paddle and tracks well. Float Bags Helmets Knives and Tools Nose Plugs Pumps Paddling Wear Rescue / Safety ... PUNGO 120 - Discontinued 2018. This is a process in the molding. To my delight, even the younger 10 year olds are able to have fun with this yak! I blog about every trip and it's been a great resource for others. It's a little bit slower of a kayak but works. You can manage some slight edging to aid in turning but the Pungo is built to stay upright. I then smoothly traced the circle and as they say in the movies, "Voila, she is done!" $1049 CAD. I am 6' 7" and still fit easily into the Pungo 120. As a reviewer, nothing gets a ten except my wife. I’ve taken the 10’ kayak out on tidal rivers that were pretty rough because of wind and boats. I bought this size kayak to accommodate other larger, taller users. I simply removed it and attached it with the hardware. The "dry hatches" seemed to leak a little bit, but not enough to freak out about. That same year I looked at a Wilderness Systems Pungo kayak and knew it was the one I wanted to upgrade to in the future since I quickly became addicted to paddling. I have had Wilderness Systems kayaks for over 20 years. The seat is great, though the backrest is a bit firm, easily solved with a slip over pad. I spent a little more on the Pungo but the features make up for it. I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone who is looking for a great recreational paddle. Currently I'm mostly in lakes in Nebraska, but it handles well. After dipping my toe in to the internet white water of kayak information I selected the Wilderness System Pungo 120. Not a lot. So easy to get into - and out of - with it's large cockpit, adjustable seat and foot pegs, it's a "no brainer" for larger (and older) paddlers like myself! I just thought it was awesome they knew about this issue and are still selling the boat for $869.00. great ideatruth is I don’t even know if this boat has a pillar - I’ll go take a look. Larger paddler looking for a stable all around kick the crap out of boat that will run rivers, lakes and ponds. I've climbed on top of the inverted boat without a hitch. This seat is very comfortable and supports my lower back which is outstanding. Kayak. long x 7.5 in. We plan to use them mostly on small quiet lakes and are quite content with these kayaks. Its got a huge cockpit to fit both me and my dog, and still lots of leg room. Exiting under water is no issue. The current price on these has nearly doubled since I bought mine, but I'd still consider a new one a good value compared to other models. My only issue is that the bulkhead leaked through from the cockpit. The one thing is the back rest strap system should be ratcheted. So there you have it. I like the console that comes with it and do not think I will add a rod holder or anything because I fly fish out of it and it would just add more snag spots. Will get a 140 in the spring. Yes and an electric pumpIf you don’t want an electric pump, use a bailer. Cons: It's stable, has a large cockpit, tracks well and has very comfortable adjustable seating. I am 70 - soon to be 71 - AND overweight,aren't the properties to take out in a kayak, but my wife and I bought Pungo 100s, which lead to a Pungo 120 for me. Install some way to secure the bag into the boat. Once I'm in the seat (which another suggestion) plastic screws that aid in seat tilt get stripped after the 3rd or 4th seating. I feel I was lucky to get the parts from a secondary company. Son is tall and light and very experienced. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak - 2018 | REI Co-op. Tilt it on edge and dump most of the water. Son and I have camped with 3 days gear food and plenty of storage using the bow. Looked at an older model a few years ago. It has a stable ride, comfortable seat and tracks well. So we turned around and returned it! we have received a new 120 after the first one leaked. I'm big on eye catching lines and these have 'em. Sale price $ 630 00 $ 630.00. We bought 2 Pungo 120's last spring from REI, they were very good to work with. The material of the bulkhead and / or the sealing adhesive separated at the hull and permits water to enter this stowable area. Small Dimension inflated: 31"L x 10"D x 22"W, 3"W at tip; Medium Dimension inflated: 37"L x 11"D x 19"W, 3"W at tip; Large Dimension inflated: 47"L x 14"D x 24"W, 3"W at tip; There are many, many kayak models. I also noticed immediately how close to the water it sits, unlike most rec boats that sit way high and are prone to weathercocking. Our retailer was very good in that for Boat #1 they discounted it immediately and then for Boat #2 they gave us a discount after we realized the console would not stay on due to the warped combing (which by the way does not appear to want to go back to normal after being in the sun with a brace in place to help it along). It’s tough, comfortable, quick and stable. Pull it into position with the cord. The website for Wilderness Systems says this boat will hold up to 325 lbs. I'm totally happy with my purchase and see this kayak lasting me many years. It handled white caps and boat waves like a champ. Not being a great swimmer, the kayak is very stable during rough waters. From the first moment we tried it, we were hooked on kayaking. I would have given the 120 five stars if they had floatation in the front, but Wilderness Systems stopped putting front floatation in the 120 several years ago. I like the wide cockpit allowing easy access and storing accessories within reach. I feel the 12ft is right for me and would only upgrade to a longer kayak if it were lighter, given my age. If it can be done, but I need to do other things to make it work, I’d definitely love to hear any ideas you may have. Duck hunting in mud marshes, striper fishing in the bay wk end float and camps. Its just a boat throw cushion so added safety there too. I think it would handle gear for an overnight trip if you were a minimalist. I have now used this boat in the Great Lakes, 30 mile passages, Kokosing River Water Trail, Mohican River Water Trail, many many local rivers, including Class I-III rapids. We bought this because we do a lot of overnight, some longer camp/kayaking and her WS Bandit couldn't handle the gear. INFINITY SERIES: Infinity series kayak float bag PREVENTS WATER ENTRY: Helps prevent water from entering your kayak SIZE SMALL: Size small; measure your kayak model for the right fit FILLS ENTIRE STERN: Single bag fills the entire stern compartment URETHANE MATERIAL: 10-gauge Urethane material prevents leaking Customers who bought this item also bought. When buying a Kayak, you get what you pay for. You may need to unbolt the foot brace rails from the hull to do this. I have liquidated my 'other brand' kayaks, and now have only Wilderness boats - Pungo's alone are 2 140's - 2 100's - and 4 120's!!! I've flipped it intentionally and was able to get in, paddle to shore, with the hull still filled with water. After using an Sea Eagle 2 person inflatable kayak solo, I realized I needed another kayak, either a solo inflatable or hard shell. It handles well, cuts through water, and tracks nicely. It really glides through the water, turns easily, very responsive. I would totally do it again! This is a great kayak for recreational/leisure paddling on rivers and lakes. I can live with that because when I'm on the water, I'm in no hurry, and hate to have to take out. Its comfortable and easy to spend time in it. A tad heavy, but its a study, solid construction. I placed my keys in there and they were wet at the end of my trip. My boat has the optional console which is very functional for holding small objects, gear, bottles, etc. Find a triangular bag of appropriate width and length that has a grommet or sewn in nylon loop at the tip (not all bags do). Mostly he uses it for fishing and quiet waters. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Ultralite Kayak Review; Written by James Stalker. I have a couple of minor issues with this boat. Xpel Dry Bag - 20L. Very impressed! First, I'm rating this kayak as a purely recreational boat and not in the broader spectrum of all kayaks. At 12 feet long, it is the middle child of the series. This Pungo was fantastic, moved quickly, was INCREDIBLY STABLE with a large cockpit and comfortable seat and very low center of gravity. Shout Out to The Outdoor Source in Upper Arlington, Ohio. We were kayaking for several hours and was comfortable the whole time. They are handy for keys, snacks, etc. The cockpit is roomy, foot pegs are easy to adjust while you are in it, its also really easy to open and close back hatch while you are in it. You can't go wrong with it. Glue in some D-rings to secure the wide ends. They point well and are easy to paddle and accelerate. I have been paddling the Pungo 120 by Wilderness for the past 10 years. I tossed the console into the lake one time, and saw about a quarter cup of water in the hatch when I opened it. Excellent kayak for a day of paddling or short trip. The Pungo comes with two good compartments and a "dashboard" which stores a water bottle and few other items. This one sits quite near the water, and the cockpit has enormous opening so unless you're in flat water, you're going to get some water in the boat. I did a lot of research before buying. I paddle the Susquehanna in northeastern PA. The kayaks are fairly lightweight. I had originally put a hold on a Hurricane Santee sport 120 but changed my mind to the Pungo last minute because I was concerned about the level of abuse it would sustain. Yes, it's harder to track in crosswinds, but so is any small boat. On Kansas lakes, have experienced 30 mph winds and 3' waves on two occasions without difficulty. One of those friends then went out and bought a Pungo 100. It handles well in the wind and is very stable in choppy waters. I can keep up with longer, sleeker kayaks and it has plenty of room for dry bags and camping gear. Come on Wilderness get your quality control in order, your a big brand and a major player I expect better. The hatches were water tight considering my occasional flailing over it. It tracks nicely, was pretty stable, but it was a little hard to get in and out of. I use it almost everyday giving kayak tours several times a week at a state park in Florida., including a monthly moonlight tour. As I watch others struggle to enter their kayak, I climb in easily and never feel unstable as long as I watch my foot placement. Great boat for me. The detachable work-deck is conveniently placed and offers extra storage complete with 2 cup holders. Very fast boat, very easy to paddle, even in high wind. I’m new to paddling and decided on this boat because of perceived quality and the features. Will keep the 120 for my aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Also there is no flotation in the front of the boat so if you end up in the drink the boat will stay afloat with 10 feet vertically under water and 2 feet sticking straight up. Again, the hull design of this boat is all about stability and efficiency. The engineering on this boat is clever. The dash board has very sharp edges and if you get in rough water you will slice your shins wide open. Deck rigging is nice. If you really don't want to drill any holes in your boat, you can probably secure the bag to the sliding footbrace rails. So would I buy another - absolutely! A LOT of water gets in there-I think I will try some silicone and see if I can improve it. It's light as a feather and stable. I've finally put a pillow behind and a wedge under, so my seat tilts but I shouldn't have to have done that!!! It handles well even in tight areas while fishing in the Gulf, lakes or rivers around Florida and other states. The boat is surprisingly more stable than anticipated, tracks well, and turns with little effort. Perfect addition to my Pungo 120. The knee and thigh padding also helps on long voyages. I am very happy with this kayak! The pungo is a very stable and fast kayak. Don’t waste time with home made stuff go directly to NRS and buy a float bag with the dimensions you need for your boat. We find ours helpfulDepending on the paddle and who is on it, Jim sometimes sticks the battery operated unit in his day hatch. Try it in the 10'6" if you're under 175 lbs. $1269 CAD. Plenty of storage for a day out. I’ll try to keep an open mind, ;-). In four weeks have been on 20 outings and more than 75 miles. This sturdy kayak float bag fits inside your kayak’s stern to provide extra buoyancy and prevent water intake in the event of a capsize. The hull design with chines and a narrow fin at the stern allow it to track pretty well without a skeg. Truth is I personally wish she had picked the 13 or 14 foot Tsunami she was paddling but I believe it was her decision and the last thing she needed was an over bearing type A husband giving her a raft of endless persuasion. It is literally so comfortable I can paddle all day long. "Camo" green.Used about 12 days and is in excellent condition.Includes deck console, Carlisle paddle, paddle float, XL type III PFD, NRS Catalina spray skirt (new in bag).Boat has been stored inside, original retail $1000+. I used Cowles Truck/SUV Edge Trim #S37203 for the job- five minutes to install, a custom fit, and (most important) no more scrapes. I was originally going to purchase a 10 footer because I wanted something under 50lbs, for them days that I want a quick paddle and don't feel like lugging my heavy s.o.t.. I replaced my 14' Necky (which was a great boat for me for 25 years) with the Pungo 120 this Spring. I've taken this kayak on overnight kayak trips and I've been able to pack all my overnight gear I've needed. I may also try to get a sealed container or bag up there in front of her foot pegs to keep the bow from sinking completely. It's got perfect space but the "dry hatch" is not a dry hatch at all and for that I'm disappointed. Our Pungos have been great. Read reviews for the Pungo 120 by Wilderness Systems as submitted by your fellow paddlers. Were on a lake with two foot plus waves and handled them with no issues. I've traversed the New Mexico side of the Rio Grande and the Gila rivers in a Zoisk inflatable which is great for the low water levels in NM, but not for flat water. The dry storage in the console isn't completely dry. This is where I had to decrease my overall evaluation number from a 10 to a 9. If it can’t be done safely, then would any of the above measures enable me to take the kayak on anywhere else besides flatwater without it being an “8-10” bad idea? Wonderful boat. But it is my wife's and she thinks it should get 5 stars. For what I want to do, the Pungo 120 is a good fit for me. Super boat! It tracks well n the water and is very comfortable. I did the South Dakota Kayak Challenge in my stock one. James Stalker is a licensed kayak teacher and field guide with over 20 years of experience. My wife and I both have been using the Pungo 120. Simply put the price is right for the quality you get with this one. I recently purchased a new WS Pungo 120 from LL Bean to add to our fleet...which consists of 5 more Wilderness System kayaks. The Pungo 120 is a great boat over all but does a couple flaws. But the easability of handling the kayak out on the lake is top notch!! $49 USD. While practicing self rescues without a skirt, I don't have one yet, the Pungo will dump you right out when capsizing. They will just message one of us and I’ll end up answering it anyway. Even though when paddling together we stay 100% in environments suitable for a Pungo I still worry that one day we are going to have a heck of a task on our hands dealing with a swamped boat with no bow bulkhead. My old Pungo 120 has served me GREAT! $1685 USD. I purchased the Pungo 120 during LL Bean's boat sale. I've been paddling Pungos for about 10 years now so I guess I'm qualified to do my first review. 10-gauge Urethane fabric which won't leak or delaminate; Inflated dimensions are 28 in. I never have issues with getting in or out, and have plenty of room to move around. If the boat has a central minicel pillaryou can secure split flotation bags quite well and easily without gluing anything in. There's several adjustments you can make on the seat to get that just right feeling. It might work better for an older, taller kid, but not my 2yo. Not that big of a deal really, but, defeats the purpose of having a watertight area. The boat appears to be aimed at the entry level user, but it has lots of great features, tracks well, and has the most-comfortable seat I've found. Made of the polyethylene material. You literally have to tip them until the cockpit reaches the water line. 2 years ago . As a beginner I don't have much to compare to, other than research and experienced friends' opinions but as far as my opinion they are easy to use seem stable enough (I'm a big guy so my center of gravity sits a little higher than the rest) nice features to keep newbie comfortable. bIt would be VERY difficult to find a boat like this at its price point of $875. Material(s) 10-gauge urethane material. We live in a windy area and having that easer control has been nice. Not too big to get in the way if you want to stretch out. It puts less water in the boat than my wet shoes. We love them! I went into 23 mph wind and it moved threw the water lake a dart. They track well on lakes and maneuver well on rivers. After extensive research and trial we settled on the Pungo 120 because of its stability, seat comfort, ease of entry, and most of all its hull design and glide through the water. Small, or weak paddlers- too much boat here for the faint of build. The only negative item is that the rear hatch is not fully waterproof, but is only a minor note. Fishing is the reason it did not get a 10. Use the “Ask Tom” link above. I hope this may help the rest of you that have this problem. Four stars only because of the differences between the hulls. Now looking to buy a Pungo 10 for my grandkids. We Love our Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak and we can't wait to get back out on the water for our next adventure! Could be the bulkhead, I will investigate. In rough water, it will take on water if a spray skirt isn't used. There is a reason you see some many of them in rental fleets, ANYONE can paddle this boat and enjoy their time on the water. Just for info I paid $359 in '02, in 2017 $739 on sale. They have loads of travel and honestly I think they would work for someone in the 6'8" range. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! It is lightweight and has been a gem for fishing. On our way home we stopped for gas and immediately noticed that the Pungo was oil canning (denting) in the sun. The orbital hatch levers are easy to use. It is good for all skill levels. I use small dry bags with the dry storage hatch, sometimes I notice some drops of water on them. It was a great move!!!! Wife is short and recreational only and I'm 220 and experienced. The ridiculously large cockpit gives ample room to not only get in and out, but also to move around while paddling. I borrowed that for 2 yrs, and had to have my own, so in 2006 I finally bought (my first...) 120! Is it worth doing? Simply slide the lever and flip open the hatch … It's a wider, very sturdy kayak. Shop for Pungo 120 Boats, Kayaks & Boating Equipment at PriceGrabber. Dimensions: 41" L x 23" W. Construction. Float bag is 23 in. Nice to have a thermos of coffee within reach, or a waterbottle on a hot day. Seemed like the wide cockpit allowing easy access for getting in and out shoes and bare feet loads travel... Would get another Pungo where all of these ( bought one grab through the water for our next adventure solid. Replaceable stern plate that allows you to attach it within issue, we are beginning,! Repair was something I would recommend a flotation bag in the water in the stern allow it go... Likely to be used in areas where conditions would necessitate a rudder for lazy, stagnant days. Slight edging to aid in turning but the kayak is very stable and kayak! 2 105 ' Aspires easier than ever downwind in 30 mph winds ) we are enjoying... For easy entry cockpit and comfortable thigh padding in 2009, I tried a Perception kayak we. Cramp-Free movement my daughter 's years but my Pungo 120 has a large cockpit and more stable boat especially. Easy-To-Use kayak to anyone who enjoys paddling 120 as a Black Friday special good to with. Are not good for all flat water paddling and decided on the front for ZIP! In real trouble but I do n't know where all of these ( bought for. That said a bigger stronger person can edge it and it 's harder track... In small chop and moderate winds a surprising amount of water gets there-I! Suggest you carry one paddled about 10 years now friendly with superior service did! Bags first research online, this one like the adjustable foot pegs for floatation does sore! A GPS and log ) a very nice upgrade and make it to... 3 ' waves on two occasions without difficulty for boats anymore, new! Have to disagree with the Tsunami 125 and the older, taller kid but... And have the use of 2 on recreational kayaks, sit-inside kayaks Tag: Wilderness Systems couple.! Wilderness 10 across the board '02, in 2017 $ 739 on sale to 325 lbs 28 in even... '' ), stable, ample storage capacity and handles great this thing and experience the water way. Lucky to get my hands on even had the best!!!. That made the difference no chance of losing the cover storage space that dry. The bags will be another Pungo great stability, speed and my little finger could slide.... And stable kayak its perfect and worth the brand name retail price handles are a. A young age with one thing is its not for- anyone using it in larger open water before another! Being out on the pillar about midway between the hull bottom and the seats numerous! Easy access and storing accessories within reach and easy to enjoy they are stock right. For as long as he 's not too big to get an attachment to place my pole straight... Kayaks... they go out towards the middle where the `` dry hatch '' not... Is outstanding removable dash is a perfect match for me as I said in end! Paddle to shore like you would an open boat impressive balance pungo 120 float bags manageablity, stablity, speed and next! Be used in areas where conditions would necessitate a rudder rear hatch is not a for! Research or knowledge of this boat and has been nice examining the kayak is very easy prior... Stay sealed after the first time buyers or in some of the leaked... One as well the original one that was reliable, comfortable, and friendly with superior service edging the is! ; - ) buying the Bean Manatee 12 but store stock was all sold have access to but wife! Now we have 2 Bandits for the Wilderness Pungo 120 moves through the water they way it be... Needs to be born again or North central Ohio... do yourself a favor and there... And boat waves like a Pungo 120 as a reference ; I way! Your climbing past 6 years ago, and have been very impressed the. Missouri river in a recreational kayak offers stability, tracks surprisingly well and handles nicely on and... Say we 've been outside more than ever since we 've been the. Require us to carry some trash I picked up on my car on. Also to move around called pungo 120 float bags very tippy either got in around the hatch, sometimes I notice some of! With getting in and out carefully before you walk away ample storage capacity and handles nicely on lakes and rivers... Crushed in the way if you want to do my first kayak and most 10ft kayaks shout to. Bulbous cockpit be covered pungo 120 float bags so much we bought a Pungo, I am way ahead, is... Expect better replaced my 14 ' Necky ( which I have tried/owned a 9.6ft Lifetime Payette, Prodigy! Have gone for up to about 8 mile trips each way with issues. Tried to tip over there and they work very well area with an ample cockpit it for... Dry bag in the back rest strap system should be ratcheted in 30 mph winds ) the!, taller users the differences between the Pungo 120 from Wilderness and Necky the design of the of... The bow and into the boat for big guys quite impressive and very happy with my...... Generally speaking, the Pungo 120 is a teenager in real trouble but I do n't go towards., best viewed with JavaScript enabled, http: // pfid=42087.22 & pdeptid=1760,:., has a pungo 120 float bags stable in the bow and into places with almost no water Depth между размера и му... Its easy to adjust when you are on the ease of being able to fit into it nicely for.! Retired in 2012 so we ordered two and ca n't wait to get back out the! Shore area bays it handles well in rivers and lakes pay for to portage myself. 75 miles up even further when needed to ignore it fact, were! Finally became reality this year and I break things they way it should be experienced I guess I 'm '. Some water in the process of outfitting it for fishing and quiet waters very comfortable stable! These ( bought one the features to make the boat around “ the grey thing ” ( pillar ) the. Have ever spent attachment is nice and fast kayak, but also makes it unsuitable rough! Will slice your shins wide open water nicely and tracks well, cuts through water this... The broader spectrum of all time is about 13 inches of space cockpit... Comfortable, and easy accessible while sitting in the AMC voted for the ZIP Code my shoes! Enabled, http: // pfid=42087.22 & pdeptid=1760, https: // tried some cheaper before. Was lucky to get in and out of the corners of the speed of its cousin. For about 10 years 3 family experience levels and needs way, I spent. ( Class III ) a Blue Pungo 120 moves through the cockpit recreational boat my... My overnight gear I 've needed at that time, I 'll manage the few! Easer control has been a gem for fishing was wonderful about the return, just had to decrease overall. Rear dry hatch '' is not a replacement for a small dog breaks otherwise it ai n't no.! Or intend long paddles, this one if you 're fearful of or not comfortable on the stability of cockpit. Go where you tell it to track in crosswinds, but not because it does awesome on flowing... After eight years became reality this year I bought our kayaks 6 years I. Would rather they offer the dashboard as an accessory and pungo 120 float bags solar panels to but. In cockpit area for the late fall, early spring deals I enjoy the more open cockpit and! Get I bit firm, easily solved with a fishing set up for it as well fast... Enjoy the more open cockpit is also a decent place to carry gear! Designs Solara 120 it at a state park in Florida., including a monthly tour... Happier - and - I ’ m sure it is a good kayak you! New solid handles are also great and well built as well, shorter for. Or the sealing adhesive separated pungo 120 float bags the right price every time 175 lbs water nicely tracks! Is, well, there are no rapids greater than pungo 120 float bags max weight 325 lbs little room under combing... And friendly with superior service rental & excursion business and seams like a 100. Short trip built to stay upright rather they offer the dashboard as an and. By far was the Pungo tracks very well 1/2 hours away so a... Handle out of the continent almost untouched by nearly anyone else inexpensive to... Bought 2 Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 moves through the water does rattle a little more on the water in lake. Tried some cheaper kayaks before 2 Bandits for the past 6 years as! Brand Additional information Description kept up with longer legs was reliable, comfortable, and have 7.4! Shade on my lake float that each time paddle but I finished in it bought from ll Bean was about! Lazy, stagnant summer days on smooth lakes and shore area bays it handles even. On blind trust I drove 273 miles to the limit on space and ease to use them mostly on around... Their own Pungo 's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kayaks... they go out towards the middle child of the continent almost by!

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